Our goal for this web site is to compile a comprehensive, search-able database of long forgotten origins of everyday expressions.
We intend to provide a forum for the public to interact with us, and help us in our endeavors.
We will will eventually have a “word of the week” section, a section where you may vote to settle words with multiple possible origins, and other informative features.
This web site cannot exist without you. Please contribute when you can. We hope to provide as accurate information as possible. We will do our best to filter out any misinformation.

We will be adding more features periodically. For now, we need your help! If you know of any interesting word origins, or would like to request research of any that is not listed on our site, please post your messages on our message board in the appropriate section. If you think that one of our etymologies is incorrect, please let us know.
Thank you for your help and support. Without your help, this would just be a blank page.