a car suitable for traveling over rough terrain (trademarked by Chrysler)


Most people think of it as a proper word relating to an army styled vehicle.
In fact it does have a meaning “Just Engine and Essential Parts”. Therefore is more of an abbreviation adopted as a word.


Justin Broton - "Through word of mouth from Army friends, well specifically my cousin"


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  • Homeyjii

    I believe it came from GP, or general purpose vehicle. Basically what an SUV is today.

  • OldTimer

    The vehicle was developed as a “General Purpose” vehicle for the U.S. Army. The initials, GP, when spoken became jeep. Has absolutely nothing to do with “Just engine…” that came later as a GI’s attempt at humor…
    Just my 2 cents worth….

  • Anonymous

    Seems like “GP” is the general consensus on the origin of this. Maybe I need to change the description on this one. What do other people think?

  • Jessica Davidovich

    Wouldn’t Jeep (J.E.E.P.) be an acronym vice an abbreviation? (Sonar, radar, NATO and NASA = acronyms. Govt., Misc., Tech. and ,Univ.= abbreviations) {not trying to be arrogant but just pointing out the difference.) 🙂